Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 implications

Yes, if you are unable to travel to the UK in September due to demonstrable COVID-19 related reasons, you will still be eligible for your scholarship payments until such time as it is possible for you to travel to the UK.

The University of Glasgow offers a number of mental health and wellbeing support services. Details of many of these can be found on our Counseling and Psychological Services webpage.Please remember that you can also always reach out to one of the programme’s academic or professional services staff if you are struggling.

The insurance policy provided through Erasmus Mundus Travel Insurance offers cover for emergency healthcare. However, the policy does not include cancellation or curtailment cover, so if this is something you would like, you may wish to take out an additional policy.

There is much more to the GLOCAL experience than being in the classroom. Many of you will live in the same accommodation, and we will work very hard to ensure that you have the opportunity to meet with each other and share thoughts and ideas. This will begin, we hope, even before you arrive in Glasgow.

Yes, language classes will be available in Glasgow.

New legislation has recently come into effect in Scotland which allows you to give 28 days’ notice to quit your contract with any Purpose Built Student Accommodation provider for reasons related to COVID-19. Please note that these regulations do not apply to accommodation contracts taken out with a private landlord.

This will depend on current lockdown and social distancing regulations in your home country. You should check the website of your local UK Embassy. It is possible that you will experience some delays in the processing of your visa; however, normal processing times are around three weeks so there is still plenty of time for you to receive your visa in time for the start of term. If your visa application is delayed due to COVID-19 it will be possible for you to begin following the programme online and come physically to Glasgow once you receive your visa.

Yes, we expect the mobility periods in Barcelona and Uppsala to begin as planned.

Keep us informed of your plans. We expect you to make every effort to come to Glasgow but, if you are not able to do so, we will be flexible.

The UK government has introduced quarantine regulations for people traveling to the UK. Details on how these apply in Scotland can be found here.

Our expectation is that you will make every effort to travel to Glasgow. If you are prevented from doing so by a COVID-19 -related event, such as illness, travel restrictions or inability to secure a visa, then please contact us as soon as possible.

The University of Glasgow takes the safety of it staff and students very seriously. We are actively planning around room capacity, safe circulation, study spaces, timetables, cleaning regimes etc. Detailed plans and up-to-date information can be found here.