Blog from Barcelona – Scholarship Selections 2019

Dr Ross writes from the Consortium meeting at University of Barcelona in March 2019  to select the final winners of Erasmus Mundus scholarships for entry to GLOCAL in September 2019. 

The GLOCAL meeting in Barcelona in March has three things going for it: first, it is in Barcelona and after a long winter in Glasgow, the sunshine is very welcome.  Second, this is the meeting at which we select the scholarship students for the next GLOCAL entry in September.  This year we had already read and ranked more than 640 applications and at the meeting we discussed and debated the top 100 and made our final selection of 22.  It is a task which is challenging, rewarding and inspiring in equal measure.  When I read the applications, I am in awe of their accomplishments and humbled that these enormously talented people want to spend the next two years of their lives studying with us.  Fortunately, we have developed, as a consortium, a fairly clear and widely shared sense of what we are looking for in a GLOCAL student: academic achievement is important, of course, but not the only criterion.  Do they have imagination, clear goals and a sense of civic responsibility?  Do their goals align with our view of what the programme is about? Have they demonstrated resilience that will allow them to cope with the challenges of living and studying in three countries in two years?  Will they add to the  sense of collegiality and community within the group?  These are not easy questions to answer, but we managed to reach a consensus with which we are happy and we can only look forward to seeing what exciting, dynamic and interesting people will arrive in Glasgow in September.


The third element of the meeting is the opportunity to get together with those students who left Glasgow in December and to hear how they are enjoying Barcelona.  It is, of course, a very different city to Glasgow – the weather is better, the food (apparently) is better, and the night-life more fun.  But still they seem to miss Scotland!  It is great to catch-up, hear about their progress and nod sagely as they remark in wonderment how the material they studied in Glasgow seems to provide a good theoretical grounding for the more practical or applied courses in Barcelona.  It is almost like we planned it that way!


I promised three things, but there is also a fourth.  Those of us who put the programme together, as well as being colleagues, are also (now) friends.  We don’t always agree on every aspect of our planning and how we should do things, but we do agree on the value of spending time together, sharing a meal, glass of wine or cocktail and enjoying this great adventure that is GLOCAL.  And with Ben Wubs in charge of the social activities, who knows where (or when) we will end up!

Hard at work!

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Date: April 4, 2019 9:41 am


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