The GLOCAL Forum: students, shortbread and stimulating discussion

The GLOCAL Forum is designed to offer a time and space where students can explore further some of the issues that have been raised and discussed in their classes.  It is a voluntary session at which we try to pull together insights, questions and discussions from across their various classes and really pursue the ideal of the programme: the co-creation of understanding.  Students can come if they wish, leave early if they have something else to do (there is always something else to do!) or even arrive half way through as some did.  It is entirely informal and, to a large degree, student-led.

About 15 GLOCALs came along to the first session (it may have been the shortbread and chocolate-chip cookies that attracted them!) along with Jeff, Jan and I, and we started by asking what had really interested them in the first few weeks of the programme, what had most surprised them, and if there was anything with which they really disagreed.  Some really stimulating and exciting conversations followed, focusing on the role and nature of institutions in the Global Economy, the extent to which the world is (or is not) globalised, how globalisation should and could be defined (are we in a period of deglobalisation?) and how we might understand the role of supra-national bodies like the WTO.  We even managed to discuss the relative merits and markets of Coke and Irn Bru (the GLOCAL philosophy reaches fizzy drinks!).

I found it to be a really worthwhile session – this is an extraordinarily talented and interesting group of people who bring and share their knowledge and experiences from all parts of the world, ask insightful questions and display a level of engagement and commitment to their studies that makes it a real joy to spend time in the classroom – even on a Wednesday night. I look forward to next week.

Dr Duncan Ross, GLOCAL co-convenor


Date: October 9, 2018 11:19 am


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