Summer School

A week-long summer school will take place in the summer at the end of year 1 and will be held with a different partner university each year and this will include visiting professors from associate partners from around the world. The topic will be decided on an annual basis and relate to trends and issues of the moment.

Important information:

It is expected that all enrolled students attend the annual Summer School. Next year’s incoming students are also welcome to attend if possible. The cost of the summer school fees is embedded in the total programme fees whether students decide to attend the summer school or not. However, the travel costs and living costs incurred during the summer school, are not included in these fees and must be covered by the student. Some subsidised support and accommodation for students is available.

In the summer of 2018 in the week of August 27th, the Summer School will be held at the Georg-August Universität Göttingen with the theme of the Mittelstand goes Global: Local Roots and Internationalization Pathways of SMEs. The preliminary programme is available here.