Thesis Topics

Here are the titles of the first GLOCAL dissertations from the first cohort of GLOCAL students, who started their studies in 2017.



Pathway A (Glasgow-Barcelona-Rotterdam)

Marginalisation, Poverty and Creative Cities: Arts, Science, Innovation and Urban Development
Creative Industries in Emerging Countries: balancing economic growth and inequality
Changing dynamics of the design economy Netherlands since the 1980s
How does cultural policy accommodate for diversity? A comparative study of arts promotion in Dublin and Rotterdam
Cultural Policy in the Time of Neoliberalism: Exploring the Socio-Economic Effects of The European Capital of Culture Programme in Three Cities
Mapping and Analysis of Creative City Networks
Multiculturalism: A Cause or Means to Gentrification
Musiconomics : How Sweden’s global music factory works
Markets and Superdiversity: A case study of Rotterdam
Influence of spaces on communication, collaboration, productivity and well-being
Workforce immigration and the case of Puerto Rican and Cuban immigrants in the US
The Development and Marketing Strategies of Cultural Creative Industries—take Japanese manga and cartoon industries for example


Pathway B: (Glasgow-Barcelona-Göttingen)

Importing entrepreneurial spirit? Return migrant entrepreneurship in Lithuania, 1990-2018
European Integration: Greek Trade Unions’ Perspectives and Responses, 1980-2010
A Comparative Analysis between the Pakistani Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs working in London and Manchester
Management of Political Risks and Uncertainty by Indian-Zambian Entrepreneurs, 1945 – 2019
Social-environmental conflict in La Gomera: the case study of the water bottling plant of Taguluche 1998-2015
Bangladeshi Immigrant entrepreneurs of London and Luton
Public-Private-Partnerships for Peacebuilding. The Case of Meta in Colombia
The Role of Uncertainty Avoidance and Success Targets in Berlin’s Startups
Creative Industries in Ukraine: From Indifference to Enthusiasm
Medellín’s transformation into a `Creative City´? From drug and gang violence to innovation districts and library parks, urban policy initiatives 1990 – 2018 
The Fashion Question: Feminism in Vogue, 1960-1980 – An Image and Discourse Analysis
Mercosur and Trade Liberalization in Latin America: The Effects of Regional Economic Integration in the Automotive Industry, 1990s to Today 
Turkish Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Germany and the Netherlands
The Pink Tide and the City: A study of São Paulo’s urban planning policies under the government of Fernando Haddad (2013-2016)
Open Higher Education for Refugees through Digital Solutions
Extractive Industry and Child Labour – a case study on Madagascar
Road from Damascus: Investigating Syrian Newcomer Entrepreneurship in Germany since the 2015 Refugee Crisis
Balancing between Temerity and Docility: Female Entrepreneurs in Cambodia