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GLOCAL launched in 2017 with its first intake of students, who graduated at the University of Glasgow on 4th December 2019.

1st cohort graduation


The first graduates set up the GLOCAL Alumni Association. Read all about it below. 


The GLOCAL Alumni Association (GAA) was  launched at the University of Glasgow’s Queen Margaret Union on 3rd December 2019 as a collective initiative by the first GLOCAL graduates. The main goal of the Association is to maintain connections between the Masters programme and its graduates, thus strengthening a GLOCAL community through professional networking and academic support.

The GAA is organised in teams with a management board, a communication group and a chief editor of the GAA newsletter. With this quarterly communication, topics of different career paths insights helped by interviews are offered, as well as updates of the GLOCAL community.
The GAA has also built a mentoring programme which gives space for graduates to share their experience with current students while at the same time contributing to fostering the network interaction. Overall, these initiatives are intended to involve alumni and maintain connections with the programme for the benefit of alumni, current students, and the programme as a whole.

The GLOCAL Alumni Association works as a collective initiative, that benefits all GLOCALs and welcomes participation and collaboration within and between cohorts.

In its first Newsletter, the GLOCAL Alumni Association conducted interviews with some of the first GLOCAL graduates who shared their experiences of post-GLOCAL life, reflected on their time during the 2-year Masters programme and offered sage advice for fellow alumni.

Click the link to read all about it. (Interviews  conducted December 2019)

GAA Newsletter 1 – graduate interviews




The latest GAA newsletter contains interviews with 3 inspiring women entrepreneurs – Kanika in Cambodia, Liliana in Colombia, and (with her thesis hot off the press) GLOCAL2 Mashiyat in Barcelona.

Read their interviews here.

GLOCAL Alumni Association – GLOCAL Careers interviews


Back in September the GLOCAL Alumni Association (GAA) has organised a GLOCAL Alumni Survey summarising current alumni locations as well as their professional activity. We kindly thank them for sharing this visual with us!

 Please note, the survey data was collected from the 1st cohort alumni.

If you would like to stay up-to-date with our alumni journeys and their achievements, we welcome you to sign-up for the GAA newsletter.