Visa Information

There are very important visa considerations that international students joining the IntM in Global Markets, Local Creativities need to take account of and act upon to ensure that they have the correct visas and permissions for undertaking all of the programme’s periods of mobility in the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands and/or Germany. We strongly recommend finding what visa arrangements are needed for all mobility periods before arriving in Glasgow. 

The sections below provide more information about the partner-specific visa arrangements:

Short-Term Student Visa OR Tier 4 Student Visa:

If you are classified as an international student by the University of Glasgow you will be required to apply for a either a Short-Term Study Visa or a Tier 4 Student Visa.

Short-Term Student Visa: If you wish to apply for a Short-Term Student Visa, the University will issue you an official letter of support, which is required to submit your application. This option is the cheapest; however, please note that this visa will only cover your first mobility period and if you subsequently decide to return to the United Kingdom you will need to apply for a second Short-Term Student Visa, which must usually be done from outside the United Kingdom and prior to traveling.

Tier 4 Student Visa:  You will require a Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) from the University of Glasgow in order to make a Tier 4 Student Visa application. The University will issue CAS letters to all international students who have received and accepted an unconditional offer of application normally from three (3) months prior to the start of the programme. Students are recommended to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa if you do intend to return to the United Kingdom, for example during the first summer period or during your Dissertation period.

UoG International Student Support & Visas website

It is critical to note that a UK student visa – either a Short-Term Study Visa or a Tier 4 Student Visa – does not cover an international student’s periods of study at the programme’s other partner institutions.

You can apply for your Spanish visa at the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh during your first mobility period in Glasgow.

You can apply for either a six-month (180 day) visa, which will require you to leave Spain at the end of six months, or a three-month (90 day) visa, which you can then extend on arrival in Spain to allow you to stay for longer than six months in total. Please note that if you plan to stay in Spain for longer than six months, you will require to submit original police records from all the countries you have lived in for the last five years with your visa application.

If you do not require a visa in advance to visit Spain, you can complete your visa process after arrival in Spain, through the European Mobility process. This must be completed within 30 days after arrival in Spain.

More information on the Spanish visa process will be provided during your first mobility period in Glasgow.

More information about Visa and Residence Permit is provided by Erasmus University Rotterdam at:

In order to study in Germany (longer than 90 days), non-EU-citizens have to apply for a student visa. European Union (EU) citizens and those from the Schengen Area do not need any visa in order to enter and study in Germany. Furthermore, visa obligations for short-term stays (no longer than 90 days) have been exempted for citizens of some countries. You can apply for visa in a German diplomatic mission in your country of residence (Embassy or Consulate). For GLOCAL students this will be the German Embassy in Madrid during your studies in Barcelona.

You can find more information regarding the visa arrangements in Göttingen as well as transportation and student life below: