PLEASE NOTE: The UK leaving the Erasmus student exchange scheme will have no impact on the GLOCAL programme or its funding. Erasmus Mundus funding is in place and secure until 2025.

“Global Markets, Local Creativities” (GLOCAL) is an International Masters degree taught over 2 years by a consortium of 7 world class and internationally renowned universities.

Global Markets, Local Creativities is an integrated, international programme interrogating the history, theory, institutions and cultures of global capitalism. You will receive a theoretical grounding in international business and the global economy, and will be encouraged to think critically about the respective roles of individuals, firms, cities, regions, nations and supra-national bodies in determining and shaping the world in which we live. Case studies, masterclasses and guest lectures from private and public sector representatives will provide real-life insights into situations discussed in the classroom environment. Your learning experience will be further enhanced through debates with international colleagues, internship opportunities as well as the cultural aspect of the Erasmus Mundus programme.

Find out what it’s like to be an Erasmus Mundus GLOCAL student from our Cohort I graduates:

Start date: September 2023
Duration: Two years
Qualification: International Master / Master of Arts / Master of Social Science / Postgraduate Certificate depending on pathway chosen
Credit allocation: 120 ECTS
Degree award: Joint/Multiple degree awards depending on pathway chosen
Study type: Full-time
Funding available: YES – EMJMD Scholarships are available
Scholarship application deadline: 6th January 2023
Self-funded application deadline – Track D (all students): 6th January 2023
Self-funded application deadline – All Other Tracks: 26th July 2023 (EU/International Students); 31st August 2023 (UK Students)
Alternative Funding Opportunities: See Other Funding Opportunities page


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