Depending on the track selected, GLOCAL students have the opportunity to undertake an internship, placement, and/or consultancy during the programme. These opportunities fluctuate from year to year depending on availability, as well as the language capabilities and skill competencies of individual students.

Barcelona, Rotterdam and Los Andes offer an internship or consultancy project as a credit-bearing optional course. These are undertaken in agreement with the organisation and the university. Internships may be possible in other countries but these will not be credit bearing and should be discussed separately with the course convenor.

2023 Graduate Ken Goigner completed a collaborative dissertation, where he undertook a placement at an organisation and wrote a dissertation centred in their field – you can read more here

Consultancy Project (practicum)

Students have the option to undertake a Consultancy Project in place of studying optional courses during the semester. This would be taken either in January, before classes begin, or in June, after classes finish. Previous Consultancy Project report titles include:

  • “Innovation and Knowledge Transfer: The Catalan Ecosystem” prepared for PIMEC Micro, petita i mitjana empresa de Catalunya
  • “Sinérgics and Social Return: Co-Working in Baró de Viver” prepared for Sinérgics Coworking
  • “COWOCAT Associació Coworking de Catalunya Consultancy Project” prepared for COWOCAT

Companies Involved in Consultancy Projects include: Energy Charter (EU), OMS/WHO in Barcelona, Port de BarcelonaCasa AsiaBraun Surgical, Amec (Association of Exporters), NielsenLeoProex, Pepe Jeans, PIMEC Micro (petita i mitjana empresa de Catalunya), Sinérgics Coworking,  COWOCAT (Associació Coworking de Catalunya).


Students may also source their own internship during the semester. This can be for credit if the placement is considered relevant to programme content, in which case the university and the organisation will sign an agreement for the internship to be credit-bearing.

Research Internship

Students may explore a professional field of interest through a credit-bearing Research Internship. The final product may be a publication, an international workshop, website, object analysis or exhibition storyline. This research activity covers 18 working days (5 ECTS). Please note that this is not a policy-related internship; it involves an academic research project.

Arrangements have been made with around 15-20 national and international archives, museums, research institutes, educational organisations and business companies for research projects which students may select as the subject for their Master’s dissertation.

Organisations Involved in Research Internships include: Altum ConsultingBrand the Urban AgencyEuroclioEuropean Press Prize, Expat Archives, Film Festival RotterdamHet Nieuwe InstituutLondon Centre for Interdisciplinary ResearchMaritime Museum RotterdamOranje ExpressRoosevelt Institute for American Studies, and Soumkine Notebooks.

Consultancy Project

Students may take the Consultandes: consultancy in environmental management project as a credit-bearing optional course. This consists of a consultancy method process where students develop a consulting project that responds to the needs of a company or public/private organization. Students lead the design of an innovative solution to an environmental corporate challenge. Relevant topics include: industrial symbiosis, circular economy, sustainable production and consumption, among others.