A Glasgow GLOCAL Farewell


Friday 14th December was the last day of term in Glasgow.  What a fantastic opportunity to get together, celebrate the fact that all the essays were (almost!) finished, think about the three months of hard work that has gone before, and marvel about the fact that in that short space of time, our multinational, multi-talented students have arrived, got used to living in Glasgow, made friends, built a fantastic network of supportive GLOCAL colleagues, and now will be moving on to Barcelona.  What they have achieved – academically, socially and personally – in this short space of time has been nothing short of miraculous.  We were really delighted to be able to bring them together one last time, thank them for their hard work and contribution to our programme and to wish them well for the holidays and for the next stage in the fantastic journey that is GLOCAL.  It has been a privilege to get to know them, to work with them in the classroom and to see them meeting the many challenges that they have faced.

Oh, and we also handed out some very important prizes, but you really had to be there…

Dr Duncan Ross, GLOCAL Co-convenor, University of Glasgow



Date: January 14, 2019 3:49 pm


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