3rd cohort – Farewell to Glasgow

Dr Ross writes:

The end of semester is drawing near and (almost) all the essays have been written, so we took the opportunity to host a last gathering of the GLOCAL 2019-21 cohort in Glasgow.

The Forums have been really successful this year, with some exciting and insightful visiting speakers and a couple of self-organised sessions on Latin America and  professional networks and opportunities, so the group is very comfortable with each other and they really know how to have a good time.  We were able to chat over some food and drinks, share plans for the holidays and, for the most part, avoid any talk of work still to be completed.  Everyone said they would miss Glasgow but were looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities (and sunshine!) that await in Barcelona.  It is amazing to think how much they have learned and achieved, how successfully they have built a sense of cohesion and cohort identity, and the great benefits they have brought to Glasgow over the last three months.  This is a truly special group of people and it has been a privilege to spend time with them both in and outside the classroom.  So we were able to offer prizes: for turning up on time (Tynke), for being cheery (Glaiza), for talking a lot (Islam) and for, well, just for being Omar!

So thanks to you all for coming to Glasgow and continuing the great GLOCAL tradition of teaching us more than we could ever hope to teach you.  Good luck and we will see you in Barcelona in March!


Bridie Library bash 13.12.2019


Date: December 17, 2019 4:56 pm


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