Glocal Research Colloquium: Encouraging Creativity – Fostering Creative Industries

Our first Glocal Research Colloquium took place in Göttingen on Friday, June 11 as a hybrid event both in presence and online. With a focus on the development of creative economies and creative industries, the workshop featured lively discussion and short research presentations from consortium scholars from Barcelona, Glasgow, Göttingen and Rotterdam.  

Jan Logemann (Göttingen)          Introduction

Robert Bernsee (Göttingen)        Copyright and Piracy in the Publishing Industry

Annie Heslinga (Rotterdam)       Digital games and gaming: a contentious or model creative industry?

Jeff Fear (Glasgow)                        Cultural discount and film: a story of many Hollywoods

Lia Barrese (Barcelona)                 Geographies of Creativity

Panel Discussion                             Conceptualizing “Creative Industries” and the Post-Covid Moment             

(Moderator: M. Pareja- Eastaway)

The workshop was followed by an online discussion on the possibilities of “PhD after Glocal, which was organized by Stina Barrenscheen (Göttingen) and featured Glocal Alumni Alice, Louise, Happy & Milan.


Date: June 21, 2021 5:25 pm


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