Producing Masters dissertations during Lockdown 2020 – reports from 2018-20 class representatives

The second cohort of GLOCAL students, due to graduate in 2020, recently attended virtual workshops at Erasmus University Rotterdam (11-12 June) and University of Göttingen (11-13 June), where they presented their  GLOCAL dissertations.

2020 has been exceptionally difficult for students who are expected to produce a Masters-level dissertation of c. 25,000 words in this, the second year of their GLOCAL studies. Much planned research travel had to be abandoned, much research methodology had to be completely rethought and reconfigured.

Many students were not on campus, having chosen to return home during lockdown. GLOCAL students are from all over the world, so the dissertation workshops took place over many time zones and were an invaluable opportunity for the cohort to reconnect in scholarship and in celebration of their hard work.

We are grateful to the class representatives of the 2018-20 cohort, Wing So (Rotterdam) and Riyoko Shibe (Göttingen) who gave us their insightful and uplifting thoughts on producing dissertations under these exceptionally sad, worrying and and difficult circumstances.

Click their reports below to read more.

Rotterdam Thesis Presentations by Wing So

Göttingen Thesis Presentations by Riyoko Shibe


Date: June 23, 2020 1:17 am


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