Varieties of Presentation


One of the most exciting and innovative aspects of the GLOCAL programme is the  staff mobility which means that academics form each of our Partner Universities spends some time in one of the others to deliver core courses.  At the moment, Jeff Fear is delivering his ‘Creative Industries in the Global Economy’ course in Rotterdam and for the last three weeks Jan Logemann has been in Glasgow introducing the second cohort to the joys of Soskice and Hall and the Varieties of Capitalism.  This is an intense course that covers a lot of ground in three weeks, and it finished last Friday with a full day of group presentations on an amazing set of topics.  These included analyses of Chinese immigrant capitalism in Thailand; hyper-inflation in Brazil; SMEs in the Indian textile industry (complete with fantastically-coloured team clothing!); Kibbutzism and tech entrepreneurship in Israel; the economic structures of Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan; social enterprises in South Korea; Botswana as an African economic miracle; and we ended with a discussion of the impact of large (and local) – scale tourism in the Caribbean.  As ever, we were hugely impressed by the thought, organisation and sheer hard work that GLOCAL students put into everything they do and the presentations showed again how they could make use of the range of theoretical and conceptual material in understanding particular issues, challenges and problems around the globe.  The day finished with a celebration in the Curlers pub where the prize for best presentation was announced (take a bow, Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan!) and the debates and discussions lasted long into the Glasgow evening.  It was, once again, a privilege to be involved with this programme and working with this remarkable group of people.

Dr Duncan Ross, GLOCAL Co-convenor, University of Glasgow


Date: October 29, 2018 11:10 am


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