Göttingen Thesis Presentations

Last week the GLOCAL students currently writing their dissertations in Göttingen gave their first presentations to their supervisors and peers. It was an opportunity to seek guidance and feedback on research questions and strategy.

GLOCAL Programme Coordinator Professor Duncan Ross: “It was an interesting and fascinating two days which reminded me – again – of the enormous range of interests and intellectual ambition of our students.”

Well done to you all and keep up the good work!

GLOCAL Cohort IV Graduation - 28th November

Congratulations to our 2020-2022 GLOCAL cohort (cohort IV) who graduated on the 28th November from the University of Glasgow – we’re so proud of all of you and it was great to have everyone together.

GLOCAL Programme Coordinator Professor Duncan Ross: ‘Graduations are such a wonderful time of reconnection and celebration. We are particularly delighted to see so many Cohort IV GLOCALs in Glasgow participating in this special event. They were particularly disrupted by the pandemic and the opportunity to come together, share and reflect on their journey and celebrate with each other is just fantastic. They should be very proud of themselves: I know the whole consortium is and I want to congratulate every one of them on a wonderful achievement.’

We wish you all the very best in whatever you do next and please, keep in touch!

Live Instagram Q&A - Thursday 10th November, 11am UK/GMT

On the 10th November we hosted an Instagram Live Q&A, in partnership with The GLOCAL Experienceto answer questions about the application process. Click here to watch.

Answering questions and offering insight into the programme were GLOCAL Programme Coordinator Professor Duncan Ross, and Bruna Bauer, a current 2nd year GLOCAL student. Bruna is also involved with The GLOCAL Experience, a student-led blog that outlines everything you need to know about the GLOCAL Programme from a student perspective.

Many questions were asked about the eligibility of specific academic backgrounds. Professor Ross’ response throughout was “apply and make the case to us! If you think your degree is one that provides you with the skills, backgrounds, and abilities to be a good GLOCAL student, then I look forward to reading your application. I want to be very open about this: if you think that you’ll make a good GLOCAL student, then please apply!

You can also find answers to many questions in our FAQ section, or in the ‘Your Questions’ story highlight on our Instagram page.