Teo Does an Internship at Tante Nino in Rotterdam

GLOCAL student Teona Chakvetadze recently completed an internship at Tante Nino in Rotterdam in the Netherlands – she wrote about her experience below.

My internship experience at Tante Nino has been nothing short of transformative. From the moment I stepped into this dynamic cultural foundation, I was welcomed with open arms by the visionary founder, Nino Purtskhvanidze. Tante Nino’s mission to celebrate diversity and foster human connections resonated deeply with me, and throughout my internship, I had the privilege of contributing to its remarkable journey.

What sets Tante Nino apart are the events that I had the honour of organising and participating in. From the captivating ‘Voiceless’ performance to the sustainability-driven ‘The WERF,’ and the mesmerizing ‘South Explorer’ evenings, each event left an indelible mark on me. The pinnacle of my internship was the surreal opportunity to attend the Cannes International Film Festival, marrying my academic interests with real-world connections.

I deeply thank Nino and her husband, Peter Jan Smith, for their unwavering support and belief in my potential. Tante Nino is not just an institution; it’s a family that nurtures growth, celebrates uniqueness, and promotes unity through creative endeavours. My internship has been a life-changing chapter, enriching me both professionally and personally. I am honoured to have been part of Tante Nino’s legacy, and I am excited to see the foundation continue to bridge cultures and create lasting connections.