Step-by-step Application Guide

The deadline for Scholarship Applications for entry in September 2022 has now CLOSED.

The deadline for all applications to Track D for entry in September 2022 has now CLOSED.



Step 1

Familiarise yourself with GLOCAL Entry Requirements

Make sure you meet the entry requirements and eligibility criteria:

Step 2


Stage: Date:
Deadline for Scholarship Applications Friday 7th January 2022 (CLOSED)
Deadline for Self-funded Applications (track D) – for Home/EU & International non-EU applicants Friday 7th January 2022 (CLOSED)
Deadline for Self-funded Applications (all other tracks) – for Home/EU applicants Monday 25th July 2022
Deadline for Self-funded Applications (all other tracks) – for International non-EU applicants Wednesday 31st August 2022

For more information, please check the Selection Procedure & Timetable page.

Step 3

Choose your study pathway

1) Choose the study track that best fits with your interests and academic background (Academic Background Requirements for each study track)

2) You can only apply for ONE study track (click here for Pathway Information)

Please note: we cannot give individual advice on which study track you should choose. Please read the Acceptable Academic Backgrounds document carefully before applying.

Step 4

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship application form

This contains the Personal Statement section, which is your space to tell the Consortium why you want to study GLOCAL and what your background and experience can bring to the Programme. All applicants including those applying as self-funding students must complete this.

1) Work out if you are a Programme Country or Partner Country applicant (see here for definition of Programme and Partner Country: Programme Partner countries)

Please note: nationals of a Partner Country who have spent 12 months or more in any Programme country/countries in the last five years preceding the scholarship application deadline must apply as a Programme Country applicant.

2) Complete, sign and upload (as a PDF) the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship application form – 2022 entry.

Before submitting the scholarship application form, make sure you have CLEARLY indicated which study track you are choosing, and that your Personal Statement indicates why your background and experience fit within GLOCAL. 

Step 5

Check and Upload 

All applications must be submitted through the University of Glasgow’s online application system here. All applications are made online and all supporting documents must be uploaded to your online application.

Make sure that you have uploaded all required documents before submitting your online application. Please note that we do not accept any applications or supporting documents via email. If your offer status is ‘holding for documents’ then you will NOT be considered for a scholarship unless you submit the required documents by 7 January 2022. Click here for a list of Required Documents.

IMPORTANT: final degree certificates

  • You do NOT need to have your final degree certificate or English test results at the time of submitting your application – these can be uploaded later.
  • If you are completing the final year of your first degree or you have yet to provide the required evidence of proficiency in English, you will be considered for entry to the GLOCAL programme but will not receive an Unconditional offer until we have received your final degree and/or English language test results. In such cases you may be made an offer which is Conditional on you finishing your degree at the required grade and/or obtaining the required English language test results.
  • This documentation must be submitted before you can enrol on the GLOCAL programme.

Step 6


Click “Submit” at the end of your online application. You will receive a confirmation email containing your login details and applicant/student number – this is confirmation that your application was submitted successfully.

Once submitted, you can track your application here.

Step 7

Further Information

If you are experiencing any problems with the Applicant Self Service, contact the Postgraduate Admissions team at