GLOCAL Convenor Dr Duncan Ross writes:

Staff mobility is at the heart of the GLOCAL philosophy and delivery. Cross-teaching by colleagues in other universities is very much part of the experience. Some examples include the delivery of the core ‘Global Varieties of Capitalism’ course in the first semester by colleagues form Gottingen and Kyoto; a course in Barcelona by colleagues from Rotterdam, in Rotterdam by Glasgow colleagues and in Gottingen by professors from Barcelona. As the programme has expanded, we have sought to include guest lectures and contributions from partners where possible. We see this as important in creating the unified GLOCAL identity that reaches beyond the individual universities and pathways. At the same time, it enhances the connection between faculty and students, and it allows us to compare and learn from our different academic contexts and ways of doing things. The outcome is that GLOCAL is very much more than the sum of the individual parts.

One of the great advantages of faculty teaching in other universities is that we are able to maintain and deepen our sense of community.  This has been reduced somewhat by COVID restrictions over the last two years, but we have quickly and effectively been able to move delivery on-line, and this has offered more opportunities for contributions from a distance.

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